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October 29, 2008


Kelly Coblio

Dear Darcy's Random Thoughts,

Here are a couple for you -

Dunkin Donuts has great coffee - but if that is a little too weak for ya, try 8 0'clock coffee (avail at Weggies). Both come in richer flavors if that's what you prefer. Enjoy!

Also, the woman that didn't discipline her kid will soon learn what a mistake she's making after he mows her down with one of his WWF (or whatever other kungfu etc... he is up to now) moves, never listens to her and treats her with the lack of respect she deserves. You have 2 choices with people like that, get away from them or laugh at their curse. I always choose to laugh at them unless they enrage me. Then walk over them until they are as flat as a sidewalk and just keep moving. It works for me!


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